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Jinshan Fengjing Ancient Town French Community


Haiyueting sales office phone number: 400-8787-554 [appointment☎]


The built-up area is about 82-135㎡.


High-rise apartments with a built-up area of approximately 90-122㎡


The average registration price is 25,245 yuan/㎡


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Shanghai Haiyueting Sales Office Tel: 400-8787-554 [Reservation☎] Young friends may not know much about Fengjing Ancient Town, but you must have seen or heard the movie "Thirty Only" which is very popular this year In the drama, Wang Manni's hometown was shot here. The gray-tiled alleys, ancient bridges and rivers exuded a literary atmosphere everywhere, making it easy for people to want to live here.



Jinshan Fengjing Nahai Yueting sales office phone number: 400-8787-554 [Reservation☎] I cannot mention the new housing prices in Fengjing Ancient Town. The new housing prices in the ancient town are all around 20,000+. For those with limited budgets, It is a good choice for young people who like the charm of ancient towns.





The phone number of the sales office of Haiyueting is: 400-8787-554 [make an appointment☎]. The total price of the main high-rise buildings may be around 1.8 million.Among the stacked villa products, the smallest unit has a built-up area of about 82 square meters, and the total price starts at less than 3 million!It can be said that it perfectly meets the first condition of "optimal solution for new listings" in the same total price segment: total price control.It’s so rare that you can buy a villa with less than 3 million yuan!




Looking at the current new house market in Shanghai, on the one hand, the total price is less than 3 million, it can be said that there are basically no high-quality options, and on the other hand, the villas with a total price of less than 3 million are also Fenghai Yuexiting Sales Office Telephone: 400-8787- 554【Reservation☎】Mao Linjiao!Under these two factors, the super scarcity of Hai Yueting has become apparent!At the same time, the project not only accurately controls the price, but also strives for excellence in the quality of life!




2 Project Haiyueting sales office phone number: 400-8787-554 [appointment☎] full set of floor plan released: High-rise floor plan appreciation ↓↓↓







The sales office of Yuexiting, which is independent of the sea, Tel: 400-8787-554 [Reservation☎] The entrance hall is very private, the two halls are spacious and comfortable, the open courtyard is surrounded by sunlight on three sides, the north and south two-way lighting, multi-functional and flexible space, spacious More than enough. 134.27-136.06㎡ mid stack




Guest restaurant Hai Yueting Sales Office Telephone: 400-8787-554 [Reservation☎] Integrated, the living room is connected to the balcony, extending the space usage, the double bay faces south, the bedrooms are connected to the balcony, the master bedroom suite design is independent Bathroom and dressing room, extremely comfortable and private. 122.95-123.75㎡ stacked





The sales office phone number of Haiyuehuiting: 400-8787-554 [make an appointment☎] The double bay faces south, is transparent from north to south, has ample lighting, and is designed with double balconies. The phone number of the sales office of Haiyuehuiting project: 400-8787-554[ Reservation ☎】The apartment types are all very good. The biggest highlight is that both the upper and lower floors have balconies, and the south-facing bedrooms have ample lighting. They are either connected to the balcony or have bay windows, which are very comfortable.Appreciation of real-life pictures of model rooms







Both the upper and lower stacks of Shuanghe Road Resource have terraces. In addition to the price and products of Haiyueting Sales Office Tel: 400-8787-554 [Reservation☎], just looking at the location where Haiyueting is located means that it also has The second condition for excellent properties in the same price range is: livable attributes.

项目海玥瀜庭售楼处电话:400-8787-554【预约☎】位于金山枫泾镇枫兰路888弄,北至枫沛路,南靠枫兰路,东邻泾波路,西边为朱枫公路。由上海建工房产有限公司投资,上海金腾房产有限公司开发建设之海玥系列,是经典的法式风格住宅小区。The sales office of the project Hai Yueting is located at Lane 888, Fenglan Road, Fengjing Town, Jinshan City, with Fengpei Road to the north, Fenglan Road to the south, Jingbo Road to the east, and Zhu Feng to the west. highway.The Haiyue series, invested by Shanghai Jiangong Real Estate Co., Ltd. and developed and constructed by Shanghai Jinteng Real Estate Co., Ltd., is a classic French-style residential community.

项目海玥瀜庭售楼处电话:400-8787-554【预约☎】拥有双河道资源,纯天然水系把小区自然而然的划分出南北两个地块。整个小区占地面积约7万方,总建筑面积约21万方,容积率1.6,绿化率35%,妥妥的景观房!Project Haiyuehuiting sales office phone number: 400-8787-554 [Reservation☎] It has dual river resources, and the pure natural water system naturally divides the community into two plots in the north and south.The entire community covers an area of about 70,000 square meters, with a total construction area of about 210,000 square meters, a floor area ratio of 1.6, a greening rate of 35%, and a proper landscape room!



古镇海玥瀜庭售楼处电话:400-8787-554【预约☎】内街巷交错,小桥流水,粉墙黛瓦,生态环境优越,自然风光让人流连忘返。Excellent cultural and ecological landscape, very rare!Haiyueting is located in the Fengjing plate of Jinshan District!Fengjing Ancient Town in the plate is a model of China's thousand-year-old Jiangnan water town and a national AAAA-level ancient town scenic spot. Its beautiful scenery has always been praised by the world.The sales office of Haiyueting in Ancient Town Tel: 400-8787-554 [Reservation☎] The inner streets are intertwined, with small bridges and flowing water, whitewashed walls and black tiles. The ecological environment is superior, and the natural scenery makes people forget to leave.





The superior ecological landscape and strong cultural heritage result in a comfortable and leisurely lifestyle!Waterfront garden residential area, create a classic French garden!In line with the elegance and connotation of the ancient Haiyuexanting town, Haiyuexanting is carefully laid out according to local conditions and makes full use of the natural river system to build a classic double-waterfront French-style beachfront. Water garden residential area!



The entire Haiyueting sales office phone number: 400-8787-554 [appointment☎] The community is designed to divert people and vehicles. It mainly includes 11- and 14-story high-rise apartments and 5-story stacked villas, with a total of 1,179 households.

项目海玥瀜庭售楼处电话:400-8787-554【预约☎】按照古典法式风格设计,运用黄金分割比例淬炼建筑外观,衬以山花、拱廊、石柱、铁艺灯等细节,突出轴线和对称美感。漫步其间,怡然自得,顾盼皆是法式风情!Project Hai Yueting Sales Office Telephone: 400-8787-554 [Reservation☎] Designed in the classical French style, the golden section is used to refine the building's appearance, lined with details such as pediments, arcades, stone pillars, and wrought iron lamps to highlight the axis. and symmetrical beauty.Wandering there, you feel relaxed and contented, and your eyes and ears are all in French style!


同时海玥瀜庭售楼处电话:400-8787-554【预约☎】又融入东方古韵,整个社区显得大气、尊贵,又不失浪漫气息,非常漂亮。At the same time, the Haiyueting sales office phone number: 400-8787-554 [appointment☎] is integrated with the ancient charm of the East. The whole community looks grand, noble, romantic, and very beautiful.





The sales office phone number of Youhai Yueting is: 400-8787-554 [make an appointment☎] The most valuable thing is that the project is still a ready-made house!(The project is expected to be delivered by the end of the year, and the final delivery time will be subject to the actual delivery time of the developer.) Compared with new homes on the market, which generally take 2-3 years to be delivered, the advantage of Haiyuexiting's quasi-existing homes is invincible!First, the external community garden, the indoor decoration quality is all presented in real scenes, what you see is what you get, what you see is what you enjoy, you can buy with confidence and live with peace of mind!



Second, the phone number of the Haiyueting sales office is: 400-8787-554 [Reservation☎] No need to wait too much, just bring your bags and move in. It is economically cost-effective and the savings are real money.Improve your living quality in just a moment!


得天海玥瀜庭售楼处电话:400-8787-554【预约☎】独厚的自然美景和人文景观,法式经典的锻造工艺,海玥瀜庭让法式滨河盛景尽情展现,业主可以充分享受到清新的空气、明媚的阳光、水岸的灵性和绿茵的风情。居于此间,舒适而从容!Detian Haiyueting Sales Office Telephone: 400-8787-554 [Reservation☎] Unique natural beauty and cultural landscape, French classic forging craftsmanship, Haiyueting allows the French riverside scenery to be fully displayed, and the owners can fully enjoy it Come to the fresh air, bright sunshine, spirituality of the waterfront and greenery.Living here is comfortable and calm!




海玥海玥瀜庭售楼处电话:400-8787-554【预约☎】瀜庭位于金山枫泾;区域内除了特色安适的生活,产业发展也是板块内数一数二的。The future of the core development area is immeasurable. Haiyuehai Yueting Sales Office Tel: 400-8787-554 [Reservation☎] Xuting is located in Fengjing, Jinshan; in addition to the unique and comfortable life in the area, the industrial development is also one of the best in the sector.




Since 2015, the governments of Jinshan District and Fengjing Town have deepened the mechanism of "district cooperation and brand linkage" with Lingang Group and Caohejing Development Zone to jointly build the "Lingang·Fengjing Science and Technology Innovation Town".Kechuang Haiyueting Sales Office Telephone: 400-8787-554 [Reservation☎] The town will be built into a famous Chinese historical and cultural town and a new Chinese scientific and technological entrepreneurship town integrating technology, humanities, and ecology. It will become a regional Bring certain economic value.





2. Zhangjiang Yangtze River Delta Science and Technology City (about 11.1 kilometers away from the project) At the Changhai Yueting Sales Office Tel: 400-8787-554 [Reservation☎] After the integration of the triangle became a national strategy, Fengjing’s industrial development reached a new level layer.As the gateway and necessary place for the integration of Shanghai and Zhejiang; Fengjing is a hub for resource exchange between Shanghai and Zhejiang; it is vigorously promoting the "Zhangjiang Yangtze River Delta Science and Technology City" across Shanghai and Zhejiang."Zhanghai Yueting Sales Office Tel: 400-8787-554 [Reservation☎] Yangtze River Delta Science and Technology City" spans Shanghai and Zhejiang. It is jointly built by Zhangjiang Jinshan Park and Zhangjiang Pinghu Park in Zhangjiang National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone. The total planned area is 87 square kilometers, including 45 square kilometers in Pinghu and 42 square kilometers in Fengjing.The area of the first phase start-u






海玥瀜庭售楼处电话:400-8787-554【预约☎】海乐高乐园度假区位于金山枫泾,投资额为5.5亿美元,将融合中国、上海文化及江南特色元素,项目预计于2021年内开工建设,2024年初正式开园,届时将成为全球最大的乐高乐园度假区之一。It can be seen that Fengjing is rising rapidly and has promising future development!3. Shanghai Haiyueting Sales Office Tel: 400-8787-554 [Reservation☎] Legoland Resort On November 6, the signing ceremony of the Shanghai Legoland Resort project was held in Shanghai.Shanghai Yuexiting Sales Office Tel: 400-8787-554 [Reservation☎] Hailegoland Resort is located in Fengjing, Jinshan, with an investment of US$550 million. It will integrate Chinese, Shanghai culture and Jiangnan characteristic elements. The project is expected to be completed in 2021 Construction will begin within the year and the park will officially open in early 2024, when it will become one of the largest Legoland resorts in the world.






交通方面:海玥瀜庭售楼处电话:400-8787-554【预约☎】沪杭高铁一站即达虹桥!不仅进站顺畅,且有舒适快捷的通勤体验,完美地告别了上下班高峰的烦恼。With the arrival of Lehai Yuexiting Sales Office Tel: 400-8787-554 [Reservation☎], Gaoyuan Resort will bring in a lot of people, drive the development of Fengjing, and at the same time increase the value of the project.5. Shanghai’s AAAA-level scenic spots are one stop away from Hongqiao Hub. Transportation: Haiyuehuiting Sales Office Tel: 400-8787-554 [Reservation☎] Shanghai-Hangzhou High-speed Railway is one stop away from Hongqiao!Not only does it make entering the station smooth, but it also provides a comfortable and fast commuting experience, which perfectly bids farewell to the worries of the rush hour.


还有海玥瀜庭售楼处电话:400-8787-554【预约☎】金山第一条轨交南枫线(规划中)预计“十四五”开启建设,未来将与嘉闵线、奉贤线对接。Screenshots are from the 12306 official website and the phone number of the Haiyuehuiting sales office: 400-8787-554 [appointment☎] Jinshan’s first rail transit Nanfeng Line (under planning) is expected to start construction during the “14th Five-Year Plan” and will cooperate with Jiashan in the future The Min Line and Fengxian Line are connected.

自驾海玥瀜庭售楼处电话:400-8787-554【预约☎】项目距离金山北站约10.4公里,开车22分钟左右。并且周边交通还有G60沪昆高速(约6.3公里)、S32申嘉湖高速(约4.2公里)。Self-driving Haiyueting Sales Office Telephone: 400-8787-554 [Reservation☎] The project is about 10.4 kilometers away from Jinshan North Station and takes about 22 minutes to drive.In addition, the surrounding transportation includes the G60 Shanghai-Kunming Expressway (approximately 6.3 kilometers) and the S32 Shenjiahu Expressway (approximately 4.2 kilometers).






Commercial aspect: Haiyueting sales office phone: 400-8787-554 [appointment☎] There are Wanda Plaza (under planning), Jimaisheng large shopping mall (about 1.54 kilometers), agricultural, industrial and commercial supermarket (about 1.5 kilometers); education There are basic education facilities such as Fengjing Middle School Affiliated to East China Normal University (approximately 3.2 kilometers), Fengjing Primary School (approximately 2.9 kilometers), and Maple Leaf International School (approximately 1.4 kilometers).For medical treatment, there is Shanghai Jinshan District Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital (only about 3.2 kilometers away, less than ten minutes by car).In terms of medical resources, the Haiyueting sales office phone number is: 400-8787-554 [appointment☎]: The project is surrounded by Shanghai Jinshan Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital and Jinshan Zhongren Nursing Hospital.In terms of educational resources: Haiyueting Sales Office Tel: